Castelldefels is a city opened to the sea which lies on the Natural Park of Garraf. The tour starts in Cal Ganxo, which is a masia, a typical old rural construction from Catalonia, reconstructed and used as Center for Environmental Activities. It is located in the south of the Natural Park from Garraf, only 1 km from the city center and 2,5 km from the beach.


In Cal Ganxo you can do a wide range of activities, such as adventure sports -speleology, climbing, mountain orientation-, guided tours, astronomy and workshops for adults and children.

From Cal Ganxo you have the possibility of making tours through the Park . In the Tourist Office you will find the Calendar, with the schedules of the guided tours.

-TURÓ DEL FANXÓ (hydrogeology, littoral zone and natural park)

Distance: 1.800 m, elevation max: 280 m, technical difficulty: high.

Map of the itinerary of Turó del Fanxó

-TURÓ D’EN VINADER (fauna, vegetation and geology)

Small circular tour from Castelldefels to Turó d’en Vinader, returning through the Serra Llopart. Pleasant tour, light and ideal for the weekend mornings with the family. The tour offers outstanding views of the coast and green landscapes of the Garraf.

Map of the itinerary of Turó d'en Vinader

Guide of the tour Castelldefels-Turó d'en Vinader

-Turó del Gall (fauna, vegetation and geology)

Map of the itinerary of Turó del Gall

Guide of the tour Castelldefels-Turó del Gall

-Castelldefels Castle to Eramprunyà Castle

Circular tour from Castelldefels castle to Eramprunyà castle. The tour follow ancient medieval paths and amazing views of the coast and Baix Llobregat.

Guía de la ruta de Castillo de Castelldefels-Castillo d'Eramprunyà


Guide of the tour Castelldefels-la Morella

For more information and registration:

Cal Ganxo
Cal Ganxo Camino de Cal Ganxo, S/n
Tel. 93.597.09.80 / 93.597.19.37
Fax: 93.597.09.80
Time Table: Monday to Friday from 8.00h to 15.00h
Saturday to Sunday de 10.00h a 14.00h


Another possibility is to make free tours in the Natural Garraf Park.

We propose some existing routes:

-Coastline tour

The village of Garraf with its white houses, which is framed by the blue sea, is the destiny of this route. The duration of this tour is 1.30h and the difficulty is easy. The tour starts in La Pleta, a big masia made of stone which is currently the office and center of information of Garraf.

The main attraction of this route are the views over the coast and the sea.

-Buddhist Monastery: Palau Novella

Inside the Natural Garraf Park awaits us a surprise, a buddhist monastery. The Monastery Buddhist Palau Novella opens its gates to show the tourists the ancient Tibetan traditions. In this sanctuary of peace, which works since 1996, courses of meditations and buddhism are imparted by the monks, who offer guided tours through the facilities and most well known objects of the monastery.

Time table:
Wednesday to Friday: minimum 15 people, reservation is required
Saturday and holiday 12:00h, 13:00h, 15:00h, 16:00h, 17:00h.
Sunday 11:00h, 12:00h, 13:00h, 15:00h, 16:00h, 17:00h.

-Masias del Garraf (itinerario señalizado, apto para bicicletas de montaña)

Mapa de Itinerario de las Masias del Garraf

-El Fons de Vallgrassa

For more information and registration:

Oficina del Parque Natural Garraf y Centro de información de la Pleta
Ctra. del Rat Penat a la Plana Novella, Km 3,5
08870 Sitges
Tel. 93.597.18.19
Fax: 93.597.08.92
Table time: from 10h to 15h, except for monday.


The Hipic International Club is located in Gava, only 15 km from Barcelona and on the edge of the Garraf Natural Park. It offers the opportunity to do unique horse riding tours with your partner, family, friends or colleagues.