Barcelona, Catalonia’s capital city, is doubtless the most cosmopolitan and economically active city of Spain. It has proved to desire modernity and to follow the latest international tendencies.

Barcelona’s architecture reflects the way the people of Barcelona see their lives, which gives impulse to the city’s development.

Barcelona’s history dates back to the Roman Empire times. Archeological remains, along with romanesque, gothic and renaissance buildings prove it.

Antoni Gaudi’s modernist buildings and other structures of the same time and style gave the city a new and fresh appearance. As a consequence of this, Barcelona became one of the centers of European’s Art Nouveau.

Consequently, you should want to discover the last artistic tendencies, you will find them in Barcelona.



Historically, this place is one of the most representative of Catalan culture and identity, because of the singularity of its mountains and the defense of the nation’s language and culture made by the monastery.

The main appeal of the mountains, apart of its curious shape, is the monastery consecrated to the Holy Mother of God of Montserrat. This place was built in the 11th Century. Monks devoted to a life of retreat and praying dwelled there, as well as pilgrims devoted to the Virgin Mary.

The spirituality of the place can be also found in the 13 shrines. Pilgrims who were able to visit all of them received plenary indulgence or total relieve of temporal punishment from the effect of sin as a prize for its christian devotion and constancy.

Shakira, the well-known and international singer, sings in front of the Montserrat mountains in the videoclip of her song “Empire”. She can be seen in a “Runaway Bride” fashion near the Montserrat Mountains Natural Park, where the views of the landscape and the characteristic massif are easily appreciated. To sum up, this mountain range is known as a magic mountain for the Catalan people, a religious pilgrimage location visited each and every year by thousands of tourists.


Sitges is a coastal village located in the Garraf region. Its warm weather is a consequence of its privilege geographic setting in the Mediterranean coast and protected by the Garraf Massif from the winds. This allows people to enjoy their holidays and practice outdoors activities.

Moreover, there are events in any time of the year, from the International Sci-Fi Cinema Festival to the famous Sitges Carnival, without forgetting Popular Fairs and concerts. Other possible activities are strolling around Sitges or wandering in the Garraf Natural Park.

There are 4 kilometers of beaches and a maritime pathway between the palaces of those Spaniards who were made good in America and the Mediterranean Sea. Consequently, Sitges is the perfect destination for paying a flying visit.



Port Aventura is a resort located in the Costa Dorada. It is one of the main destiny tourism attractive of Spain. The facilities have an ideal location, close to Barcelona, Tarragona, Vila-Seca, Salou and Cambrils. In Port Aventura Resort you can enjoy of the thematic park and aquatic park. Moreover you can also enjoy of its exceptional location, on the beach, shopping areas, sportive facilities, outdoor activities and restaurants, where can discover the delicious Mediterranean dishes.

Each of the 6 worlds of Port Aventura Park offers endless surprises and emotions for all ages. Mediterrania, Far West, Polynesia, China, Mexico and SésamoAventura: six thematic areas where, you will enjoy the best European attractions and the possibility to see daily 40 unique stunning shows.

In Port Aventura you will find with several European record attractions that will burn all your adrenaline. We are talking about Shambhala, the highest rollercoaster in Europe with a fall of 96 meters. Also Hurakan Condor, a free fall from 100 meters high that will leave you breathless. Last but not least, Furious Baco, the fastest rollercoaster in Europe, where you will accelerate from 0 to 135 km/h in just three seconds. For the children there is the magical world of SésamoAventura, it will be like a dream. The little ones will discover a lot of attractions and fabulous themed games. Parents and children will enjoy and share lovely experiences together.